We Offer Sign Spinners

Human Directional's

Traffic Builders Inc is pleased to offer both human directional and temporary pathfinder (Bandit) signs and service to help bring maximum exposure to your business.

Whether you call them twirlers, sign spinners, sign dancers or sign flippers, human directional signage is alive, animated and alluring. Human signs point traffic directly to your door at a fraction of the cost of advertising through other media. And because they command attention they offer proven results.

Human Directional Signage creates:

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Providesan animated billboard effect
  • Draws traffic from main thoroughfares
  • Draws clientele from competitors
  • Improves your traffic flow


Our well-trained supervised staff of sign wavers brings enthusiasm and professional demeanor to any directional signage program. Cost is from $21.95-$24.95 per hour. We cover All Employer liabilities, insurance and taxes. Our directional arrows/Handheld signs are double sided artwork and handles on each side, made from sturdy 10mm Corrugated Plastic! Only $150.00 each!

Plus, thanks to Traffic Builders Sign& Graphics' one of a kind, hands free umbrella, our sign wavers can work comfortably and effectively in all types of weather -- we can even put your company logo or message on the umbrella! 

Make your point effectively and affordably with human directional's by Traffic Builders Signs& Graphics.